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This page is heavily under construction! In the meantime you can contact me through the contact form up here :)

PC currently on sale:

NEW - Mini PC - Amd C-70  [Ebay] [Ebay-Kleinanzeigen]

USED - Midi Tower PC - Intel e8500 · GTX 450  [Ebay] [Ebay-Kleinanzeigen]
USED - Mid Tower PC - Amd FX 6100 · Radeon 7850  [Ebay] [Ebay-Kleinanzeigen]
USED - Mini Tower PC - Amd x2 250 · GT 440  [Ebay] [Ebay-Kleinanzeigen]

Ebay's taxes are the 10%, thus the higher price.


I want to explain a few things before listing all the various hardware combinations and prices.
Based on what kind of PC you need, there are 3 main Form-Factor to choose from:

  • Mid Tower PC  (ATX motherboard)
  • Mini Tower PC  (Micro-ATX motherboard)
  • Mini PC  (Mini-ITX motherboard)

Understanding what’s your desired PC form-factor would be very time-saving for both me and you.

In most cases the different form-factor won’t affect the performances, what affect them are these 3 component:

  • Processor
  • Graphic Card  (if you want to play Videogames)
  • Storage  (Hard Disk or SSD or M.2)

So if you want to save money, try to save on everything but these 3 components!


If you’re coming from Ebay you can take a look at my PC-Build page, where I uploaded some photos and info of the previously builtPCs.

The Computer can either come with Windows or Linux installed or both of them in a Dual-Boot configuration.

By the way Windows needs a NON-Free activation Key while the majority of Linux distributions are Free and Open Source.

The most User-Friendly Linux distribution are Ubuntu and Linux Mint, so if you are a newcomer I strongly suggest you to start with these two Operation Systems.


Prices are coming soon, you can contact me in the meantime :)


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