First of all let me explain that Europe*:
Here I’m showing Rebuy.de that covers Germany and Austria, then there are Rebuy.fr and Rebuy.nl for France and Holland respectively.
This is in no way whole Europe but it could be that this German company will expand further (while Lidl will hopefully retreat ahahahaha).

Alright so why a post in English rather than in Deutsch?
Well, because this website has not only a huge German books stock but also a big foreign languages books catalogue, mainly English but also in Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, etc., going from essays to manuals.

The website cover also videogames (imported and uncut too, for German’s sake), movies, music, various electronics (smartphones, consoles, cameras, etc.), and more.

In the past I bought a few videogames too but for me the most interesting items are books, for a simple reason:

They can be extremely cheap!

Plus you should also consider the fact that a lot of money won’t be wasted in shipping costs (compared to Ebay or if buying abroad), as every items will end up in a  single pack and shipped for 3.99€.

Now, this is amazing but not for me… You know, I’m a bit economical (a bit a.k.a. a lot) and this is probably a great thing for me and my GF because it constantly saves our home from becoming a books warehouse.
This is also the reason why I’m sharing this great store with you, I have enough stuff to read now!

Therefore I normally buy from Rebuy when they offer free shipping! (and luckily for me they don’t do this often eheheh).

That said let me share my last order, free shipping lasted 24h and from a minimum of 17€.
With 17.90€ I bought 18 books, here they are:

A nice Bash guide for less than 2€ (straight from 1998 in mint condition):

As I said you can find books in various languages, here is one in Italian:

There’re plenty classic books for very cheap, as you can see on the above picture I bought some Orwell and Kipling for around 0.70€ each.

In this picture are some other “not recent but still very helpful” Linux manuals from my previous orders and other books (notice the E.A.Poe collection in Italian, paid 0.50€ and it was still sealed!):