I love to cook and sometimes I think about my kitchen as my experiment lab (but with healthy ingredients instead of chemicals).

There’s nothing that can awaken your creativity as making food.
The recipes are uncountable and the amount of newly created ones by mixing them is only limited by our creativity.

Apparently as I have a blog, and a smartphone to make photos with, I decided to post some recipes, techniques and various tips and tricks on how to make your own food.
Plus I’ll explain what to trust and what to avoid and what are the fundamental ingredients that shouldn’t be bough at the discount for the cheapest price, all this while taking care not to waste those “precious” piece of paper and metals that you carry around.

I always like to prioritize local over imported, this also imply eating fresh seasonal food as much as possible, and learn recipes and all these techniques that were used by who was living in that region before you. This last point is very important as there are many extremely smart and helpful stuff to learn from the tradition, which is being destroyed in front of our eyes in the name of consumerism and globalization.

Last but not least I’ll explain how to grow your own food in order to take back this vital and millennial ability that we all should have.

I’ll try to cover as many cases and situations as possible therefore my posts are going to be simple, without any fancy ingredient, instead I’ll always pointing out to root of a specific recipe or food.

I thinks that’s enough for an introduction, here are some crappy pictures I recently took (I’m going to add better looking ones every once in a while):

Roggenbrot (Rye bread)


Broad beans Falafel (Fava)

Growing Chick Peas

Humus with Tahini (homemade from raw sesame seeds)