I love podcast and I always try to listen as many as possible.
This means that I need a nice and practical podcast client that does all what I need:

  • Add and Stream/download Podcasts with ease
  • Keep my subscriptions up to date
  • Search through podcasts
  • Be able to pause/play and go backward/forward from the tray icon or through shortcuts

Notice that when play videogames I like to listen to my podcast, so for me to control a stream with shortcuts is really fundamental.

There are many software out there, some are too minimal (gpodder, liferea) and some are way too packed (amarok).
But these are my tastes, if you don’t like the ones that I listed here try out a few other by yourself, there are plenty of command-line clients are out there too.

If you’re using pulseaudio then pavucontrol is a nice tool to manage all your streams and inputs/outputs


This is the one I’m using since months and the one that I like the most.
It’s super easy to subscribe to a podcast and then manage them in the playlist.

It’s also easy to download a podcast and I suggest you to do so if you have a bad concentration like I do and need to go backward every damn time…
The online-streaming is a bit fragile and it could happen that by going backward/forward the stream interrupts. By downloading a track you avoid this problem.

A nice option let you automatically remove any fully played podcast after N days.

Volume and playback are fully controllable from the tray icon both with drop-down menu or by clicking or scrolling on it with the mouse wheel.
Plus you can customize the shortcuts as you wish, as I said this is fundamental because I can fully control the podcast from my keyboard even when playing videogames.


  • Great looking interface
  • Fully controllable through shortcuts or from the tray icon (mega-useful tray icon!)
  • This is a complete player with many other features
  • Nice FOSS remote controller available for your Android device


  • No podcast description (most of the time it contains useful info and links)
  • Can’t search trough podcasts
  • Audio can’t go above 100% (pavucontrol fixes this)
  • Streams tend to crash if you go backward/forward too much



You probably know VLC, it’s one of the most famous and complete audio/video player out there.
It also comes with a functional podcast feature.

I used it quite a lot before switching to Clementine and it was doing its job, but this feature is definitely not what the player is known for.


  • Most likely it is already installed in your system
  • Easy to add new podcasts
  • Many many options to stream and mess around with different devices
  • Download, convert and manipulate tracks as you like
  • Fully controllable with shortcuts and from the tray icon


  • No podcast description
  • Podcast feature works fine but it’s quite minimal
  • The interface is alright, nothing impressive
  • Search tab is there but it’s not really useful
  • Stream may crash by going backward/forward too much


That’s it for now, I’m going to add other players soon ;)