I did a few post on how to control brightness and gamma by using xrandr, however with xrandr there is no easy way to control whites.
The result being a filtered screen with very bright and punchy whites.
you can read more about it here.

Luckily there’s a software called RedShift that adds that ability to manipulate these withes.
It also acts pretty much like an xrandr command, you are still able to control brightness and gamma.

try out these filters:

redshift -O 3300 -b .7
redshift -O 10000 -g .1:1:.1

or the red death:

redshift -O 1000 -g 10:.1:1

There are other options to automate the filter, all is explained in the link above.
Also check out the AUR for many variants.

RedMoon is a similar FOSS Android app.