I’m going to show you a nice NewPipe feature, the Goolag-free youtube player on Android.
That’s streaming (or casting) a video from the player to a PC where kodi is running.

3 software needed:

  • Newpipe on your Smartphone
  • Kore on your Smartphone
  • Kodi on your PC

Kore is the official KOdi REmote and you can connect it to your PC by following this dedicated post.

Once the remote is working is very easy to stream youtube videos, but first launch NewPipe and be sure that Show “Play with Kodi” option is turned on.
To stream a video click on Play with Kodi icon and your video will be loaded by kodi.
Other videos can be added to create a playlist and the remote has many many “buttons” to fully control kodi with your Phone.
But please don’t decay on your sofa now that you know eheheh ;)