In this post I’m going to show you how to install and connect to the 3rd party Steam plugin for Pidgin. This guide is intended for Linux users but it should work on any other OS without problems (please check the GitHub lin<k below).

Alright let’s start by installing Pidgin; on Arch:

sudo pacman -S pidgin

then the plugin from the AUR:

yaourt -S pidgin-opensteamworks
yaourt -S pidgin-opensteamworks-git

for other distros please check the GitHub readme:

Now open Pidgin and go to the accounts section

Click on add account and select Steam as protocol.
Now you need to insert your username, password, etc.

After that you’ll receive the Steam Guard protection code through Email or on your Smartphone, activate it and you’re good to chat with your friends ;)

Notice that it works even if the Steam client is not running.