Kodi has an official app to control the media center using a Smartphone.
Here I’m taking a look at Kore, the application available on Android.

Luckily there’s a F-Droid package ready to be downloaded and installed:

This version misses some proprietary services, that’s why I’m using it nah mean ;)

Simple remote control for Kodi. In-app purchases (e.g. for themes) are broken, since they require proprietary play- services to be installed on the device and a special API key, which F-Droid cannot include.

To actually control Kodi you first need to install it if you didn’t already.
On Arch:

sudo pacman -S kodi

then launch both Kore and Kodi, there are some settings that need to be changed for the remote to work.
So, as soon as Kore is launched you’ll be prompted to add a media center

go ahead and press next >
at this point Kore will probably fail in founding a media center, this is normal because you need some other stuff installed for that to work, but don’t worry, the manual set-up is easy and works fine.

You can also click the link to the Kodi help page or check the screenshot below (it’s the same page)

As the help page says, in order to connect the two devices you need to enable a few options in Kodi

and know what’s the ip address of the device where the remote has to connect (your PC or laptop or raspberry, etc.).

On Linux/Mac open a terminal and type:

hostname -i

or also

ip -f inet a

On windoze open a terminal (cmd.exe) and type:


what you need is the inet or IPv4 address, it should be something like:

this is the address that identify the device (where Kodi is running) on your local network.

This is where you want Kore to connect to, the default port should match on both devices, you can also set a username and a password if you like.

Once connected you can start using Kodi through your Smartphone.
This is a killer application especially in a home theater setup.

You can connect as many devices as you like by using the same method.

On another post I’m going to show you how to use this with a nice FOSS app called NewPipe to stream YouTube videos ;)