Embedding audio from Soundcloud is quite easy and can be done with few clicks.
Anyway depending on where you’re embedding these codes, not all the features work (i.e. on Steemit).

I’m going to show you a few screenshots, the player is pretty customizable and you can also select WordPress format code (you can then modify it as you like).

Go to Soundcloud.com and once you find a track click on “Share”

A new window will appear, there you can select “Embed” and them modify the player as you like, when you’re good to go copy the code and paste it into your Steemit post.

This player with a bigger artwork:

Or this one (more practical for albums and playlists):

Note that not all tracks/albums can be embedded but most do. (you can use youtube-dl to extract the URL)


Here a few examples, a single audio track (550px height):

An entire album (565px height to remove the sidebar):

Another album with a shorter frame (312px) and sidebar:

Also useful for interviews, podcasts, etc. (150px height):