I’d like to start a new post and video series showing some free and open-source alternatives to the mainstream proprietary software that the majority of people blindly use.
I love discovering new stuff and it’s always great to switch from a closed source to open source, especially when that close source is hidden behind a huge corporation.

If it’s your first time here you’ll soon understand that I’m a GNU/Linux user and also extremely happy with that.
This means that I won’t cover anything related to any Microsoft or Apple OSs but it’s most likely that you’ll find the same alternatives for your platform too; that said you surely won’t find how to download/install/compile that specific software on this blog.

As for GNU/Linux I’m going to take a look at some less known distributions, especially those listed by the Free Software Foundation, but also BSD-based distributions and so on.

On the smartphone side I’m going to show you many apps coming from the F-Droid store, which is by itself an alternative to Goolag Play Store, plus I will try my best to install Replicant, the fully free and open-source Android alternative on my Meizu M2 Note.

Other than that I’ll expand this series to show not only software, i.e. webmail providers, websites, hardware, cryptocurrencies and also an introduction to ebay and similar platforms and much much more.

Stay tuned for some interesting stuff and don’t hesitate to write a comment to ask me something or give me some tips, everything is welcome :)

some websites for the impatients:

  • F-Droid Android Apps Repository
  • osalt.com Find open source software alternatives

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