If you can’t stand the constant Google monitoring, tracking and other tricks that systematically break you privacy, here you’ll find some good alternatives.

Pseudo alternatives coming from monstrous corporations won’t be listed (bing, etc..).

It claims to be the most private search engine in the world. There are 3 websites that you can use:

Startpage.com (is enhanced with Google)
Ixquick.com (same as above)
Ixquick.eu (it doesn’t mention Google)

In any case your IP is never tracked and no data is stored or shared. More info here.

This search engine has a very important feature: you can browse the internet through a proxy.
This means that you’ll access a server (in the Netherlands as the company is Dutch, see the image) and from there you then will access the desired website. This is a great feature if you can’t access a website because your government censors it.
Notice that you won’t have JavaScript when you proxy, so forget about YouTube and any other website/content that needs it.


DuckDuckGo claims to be one of the most private search engine as it doesn’t track you, doesn’t share or store your personal information, whether your browsing in or out the private mode. More info here.

Furthermore it has an interesting feature called !bangs
These are shortcuts to access some specific website or to use that website’s search engine straight from the DuckDuckGo bar.

I.e. if you want to visit GitHub you can simply type: !gh
or if you want to search something you can type: !yt manero666