Prey is a fantastic First Person Shooter which can run natively on your Linux machine.

The game suffered a bad distribution and nowadays the only way to get it is by buying a physical copy or by buying a steam key from an external re-seller (the game dropped from Steam a few years ago).

Btw you can find a pirated copy on the internet which in this case it’s not a bad and unethical option – considering that the steam-keys will deplete and that the CD/DVDs won’t last forever.

Hopefully the game will be back on Steam or even better DRM-free on GOG!

Alternatively you can install the Demo version.

Now let’s start the installation, first of all you need:

  • A copy of the game
  • The Linux installer

The Linux installer is downloadable from Icculus website, who’s the guy that made the port!

once you did that make it executable:

chmod +x prey-installer.bin

Now if you own the CD/DVD version you can go ahead and install the game by running the installer:


If you own a digital copy you need first to install the game by using Wine or by using SteamCMD.

WINEPREFIX=/path/to/prey-wine wine /path/to/setup.exe

This will create a 64-bit wineprefix and run the game installer.

  • To install the Steam version with SteamCMD (click here to learn how to use SteamCMD):
./steamcmd.sh +login username password +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +app_update 3970

This will log into your steam profile and download the windows game version in the same directory where your native games are – should be:


Once you installed the game you can run the native installer:

./prey-installer.bin --from-install --media /path/to/prey-wine/base

Be sure to direct the installer to the base directory.

That’s it!

After the installer is done you can run the game by running the native binaries:


To set a custom resolution modify the default.cfg file like this:

seta r_mode -1
seta r_customWidth 1920
seta r_customHeight 1080

If it doesn’t work copy the default.cfg and rename it Autoexec.cfg and modify that one instead:

cp default.cfg Autoexec.cfg

You can check for other tweaks at this website:

The savefiles and config file are then stored in the .prey directory.

Hope it was helpful :)