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Update 5 Apr 2017: Some issues are not there anymore but it looks like the engine still suffer some graphical glitches with Wine Gallium Nine (it was running fine for a short period of time Wine 2.0-2.2),  I’ll strikethrough all the fixed issues.
Anyway if you’re using an old Mesa version you may still encounter some of them.
If you have a GPU prior to the 7000 series you probably don’t have some of this issues.


On this post I want to talk about some Unreal Engine games running on Linux using Wine.
If you follow my blog or my youtube channel you already know that I’m quite an advocate of Wine Gallium Nine and the Open Source drivers, especially on AMD.

I usually have extremely good performances when using Gallium Nine, it quite known that with that patch, you can expect to run your games with the same Windows’ performances. Sometime even better!

Anyway some Unreal Engine games are a pain to get them to properly work, and definitely the most difficult I tried so far.

Most of them end up suffering the same bugs and issues, thus I’m writing this post to list these errors comparing different games!

Here is a list of games using Unreal Engine, where I take all the specific information.

Games tried so far:

This is a mixed playlist that contains all the UE games I tried on Linux, showing some issues but also all the games that were running fine.

and now the issues I encountered:

  • random graphical glitches (G9 only) since Wine 2.x

There are some polygons appearing while playing, sometimes you can barely notice them as they contain part of what you’re looking at, some other times they are brightly colored and are pretty evident.

· Murdered: Soul Suspect
· DmC: Devil May Cry
· Remember Me

  • The PC freezes and a hard reboot is required (G9 only) fixed
  • Color Layers Bug (G9 only) fixed but a new graphical issue appeared

· Batman Arkham City (video 1 )
· Contrast (video 1 )
· Deadfall Adventures (video 1 )
· Games of Thrones (video 1 )
· Hawken (video 1 )
· Red Orchestra 2 (video 1 2 3 )
· Rising Storm (RO2 mod) (video 1 )
· Heroes of the West (RO2 mod) (video 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
· Remember Me (video 1 )

This bug crashes my entire PC! And a hard reboot is needed.
The crash normally happens after these fluorescent layers appeared.

  • Fonts Bug (G9 only) fixed (at least on Injustice)

· Injustice: gods among us (video 1 )
· Mortal Kombat 9

Some fonts aren’t properly rendered, sometimes they don’t even appear.

  • Freeze Bug

· Bioshock 2 (video 1 )

The game freeze after a few seconds, however it’s still possible to kill the process and continue using the PC.

  • The structure of some 3d object is visible (g9 only)

· Rising Storm (RO2 mod) · Iwo Jima map (video 1)
· Life is Strange (video 1 )

Happens only with few objects


  • Strange graphical bug when AA is on

· Remember Me (video 1 )

It happened only with this game so far..


  • Hang at launch (G9 only)

· Hawken
· Life is Strange
· Red Orchestra 2

The game takes some seconds (20-30) before launching.

  • Textures bug (not with G9)

· Bioshock (video 1 )

This bug appears with vanilla Wine and Wine Staging, it goes away when using Wine Gallium Nine.


  • FPS drops dramatically if a gamepad is connected

Check this video, I had this happening with a “Logitech Dual Action”, didn’t try with other controllers.