I want to make this quick guide on how to check what’s the average price of an item that you may want to buy on ebay or other websites.

This item can be a phone, a laptop, a CPU or even a car, whatever you want

I’m going to use ebay.co.uk because it’s in english, anyway ebay is quite the same, you will find the same options but in your local language (italian, french, german, etc..)

  • open ebay and search for an item (i’m looking for a CPU, a computer part)

now at this point if you click “search” it will search as usual for what’s on sale at the moment, instead you want to look for items that have been already sold.

  • click “advanced” and check the “Completed listings” option

as you can see now  listed just the items that completed their listing time (both sold and unsold)

  • in this case I wanted to look at auctions only, to do so check the dedicated option in “advanced”

at this point it’s up to you, for some cases a simple look at 10-20 items can be enough, but if you want to have an average price and other stats you need to:

  • use a spreadsheet application to easily do all these operations (I use LibreOffice)
  • now you need to write on the sheet all the numbers that you need, I made a grid to have all well organized, you can also zoom if you need
  • now copy all the values you need and then apply the function to get a value out all of them, in this case the “average” value

There it is!!!! now you have an average price for what you’re looking for out of all these ended auctions.

  • if you need you can add some other functions to have more stats

e.g. Mode is the most common value out of  all the given values