On this blog post i’m going to show you an easy and quick way to add and listen your favourites Radio Station on some super lightweight audio player.

I’m going to show 2 CLI (Command Line Interface) audio player:

and a tray icon radio player

btw you can stream Radio channels using other player (such as vlc,banshee, amarok, mplayer, etc) but I want to focus on Lightweight player here, something that can run on every piece of hardware without consuming too much.

And if you have a server hooked up to a sound system, you can turn on the command-line players using your phone or another pc (i’m going to show this example here)

Before talking about the software, you should first need to find your favourite Radio’s link in order to be able to get connected to it, the link can either be:

Some very useful websites i found on the net are (for both music, news, politics, cultural Radios):

or just search on the internet your favourite radio station or music genre, once you find a link copy it!

The audio players are very lightweight and the command-line ones should take just 1Mib from your storage, Radiotray asks some heavier dependencies and it works on your bar’s tray. here are the dependencies and the install size

I’m going to focus this post on cmus because i like it the most, anyway to add a Radio Station you can apply the same operations on any kind of player:

  • get a link > add it to the player

Let’s start by installing cmus:

sudo apt-get install cmus

ps. if it won’t start, you need a first easy set up (happened on Arch but in Ubuntu to me):

with a text editor (i’m using nano here) create a test file with these variables:

nano ~/.config/cmus/rc
set output_plugin=alsa
set dsp.alsa.device=default
set mixer.alsa.device=default
set mixer.alsa.channel=Master

save the file and run cmus on your terminal again, it should work now!

It starts pretty empty at first and it looks quite old too, but it’s a very powerful piece of software yet extremely light on both ram and cpu usage

there is a great tutorial that you can access through your terminal by typing

man cmus-tutorial

it has all that you need to guide you throuh the first usage, so i’m not going to be super-explicative on how it works.

i’m just going to say that it has the same key-binding as Vi (a text editor) by default, so if you ever used Vi you should find cmus a bit familiar

Now, let’s easily add a radio station (or a music folder):

when on cmus, type :add followed by the radio station link (or the path to a music folder in your pc):

:add http://death.fm/modules/Listen/MP3-hi.pls

This creates a <stream> folder where all the radio stations are going to be stored

Add all the Radios that you like and then start the stream by pressing “enter”

(“tab” to move between Artist/Album and Track, “c” to stop the stream)