Hi folks!

Federico here! Looks like at the end I managed to create my own blog! I actually never thought about it but I was always very interested in writing in general.

Unfortunately i never wrote too much, I would’ve love to do that but there was always some lack of input; it was not about time, I always have plenty of it to dedicate to my wills, but there was never a real purpose or maybe the right format to store my thoughts. I love writing the old-school way, just paper and pencil, but it doesn’t fit my needs at the moment, as i need a place to store, alongside with text, photos and videos too. Anyway I will try my best to turn this mass of pixels in something more ‘touchable’ and give life to this blog.

I have many things to talk about and to show, this blog serves me as a container for many things, mainly to have some more advertisement on stuff that I’m selling, without having to post photos that are going to be compressed by default, as happens in ebay/kijiji, or getting censored by some psychopathic rules (willkommen in Deutschland).

Fuck yeah, here in Germany sometimes i can’t even put a game on sale or even write ‘game’ or ‘Spiel'(the german translation) in an auction without getting it controlled by some psycho ‘violence-inspector’ who will judge it and, in many cases, delete it.

Wooohooo, so to sell a game like Fallout 3 in Germany, through Ebay-kleinanzeigen, the german Kijiji, I would need to write stuff like F.allout or Fall.out or Fal.lout, and this in fucking 2016 in Europe!!! are we serious???

So here i will find my peace and freedom to say/write whatever i want with no censorship going on…

I currently live in Germany, Berlin and I will hopefully write some stuff in German too; first i need to properly learn it eheh, English is fine though, it’s not my first language but i feel ok with it and it is a great exercise to learn it better. I’m Italian and i will sure write something in italian too, I love my language and write in Italian is beautiful!

Some next post will be about some PCs that I’ve build, photos correlated with infos are soon to come; I may post some tips on how to build a PC and, especially, on how to save money, as I’m a huge Ebay user and I learned how to save money in my miserable life :)

If you’re a Linux fan you will find home here, I’m a Linux-only user since years and every thing i do with a PC is strictly connected with Linux. No Micropenis eeehhhhmmm Micro$oft bullshit here, sorry..

A huge lot of other stuff interest me, I’m going to categorize everything to keep this place easily accessible and neat.

I better stop here, if not I will probably write uninteresting stuff until late night :)

Enjoy your stay!!!